Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Gay Rector as Bishop of Northampton

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Not entirely lost. A couple of good bishops and then the expanding ministries of the FSSP, ICKSP, and the Oratories are glimmers of hope.
Been in UK Seminary, gays, heretics and liberals are the majority down there. Been in Oscott as well, you could almost feel this emptiness in the walls of this institution. Been in Westmister and Southwark Diocese, seen abominations and desolations, seen bad elevated and good trampled upon. Thereofre, I am not surprised, even a iota at this another bad appointment, the Church in Uk is lost!
I think you despair. The UK, thanks to the so-called Agatha Christie Indult, has had the traditional Mass almost without break, and it can be found quite widely with the usual Roman Rite TLM, but also Dominican Rite and others. The UK is not the worst. It doesn't have the militantly erroneous bishops Italy suffers. Still, there are a lot of problems.