Argentina Physician Prosecuted For Saving Two Lives - By José Arturo Quarracino

(Picture: Dr Leandro Rodríguez Lastra) In Argentina, and particularly in the province of Río Negro, located south of Buenos Aires province, in the Patagonia region, there is a state of institutional …
Those crazy Argentinians are always driving down the wrong way on a one way street! Passing on a hill or blind curve.... the rules just do not apply to them. Just ask them.
Isn't Bergo from there?
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Alex A
Yes! And that's where he should be right now. As CHRIST himself said of Judas, "Better he not have been born." There is no clearer description of Francis than that of betraying, not only Christ, but also his Church and adherents. We are beyond 'political correctness'. The stark reality is one of choosing between a Destroyer or a Savior. That's it.