Pope Benedict xvi permitted and continues to permit evil theologians to
ruin the church. Kasper and Kung being the most profoundly evil.
To be honest one really has to question Pope Benedict’s alleged theological prowess considering he failed to properly resign the papal office and allows a formal heretic like Jorge Bergoglio SJ destroy the church.
Also Emmerich: I heard that Lucifer (if I am not mistaken) will be freed again for fifty or sixty years before the year 2,000 AD.”
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May God allow this year to be a year of blessing and liberation, in which many Catholic brothers awaken and put the anti-Catholic doctrine of Bergoglio where it belongs in the Garbage can.
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God grant this future pope arrive ASAP.
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Well you would say that seeing that you recognize the formal excommunicated heretic Bergoglio as some class of “pope”
Please show where and when the Curia has formally excommunicated Pope Francis. Apparently I missed that delightful news item on GTV. ;-)
Who makes these comics? They're great!
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I cannot believe God would expect German Catholics to support what their hierarchy is doing, but financially they have to. If you belong to German Catholic Church the state takes the tithe and gives it to the hierarchy and then the hierarchy is able to fund its apostasy.
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May that day come soon!
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A special petition to Our Lady plus 15 decades of Rosary per day will do! Amen...
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