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Planned Parenthood abortion kills another mother

Tyler Sheppard speaking out about his sister who died after abortion complications This gentleman is speaking out on behalf of his sister who immediately regretted and soon after died due to serious …
The woman in the front, furthest right, is pro-life hero Monica Miller. Decades ago she helped lead efforts to rescue aborted babies from dumpsters in order to give them a proper burial.
thats what happens when you have government and prime minister neoliberalist that gives $640 milion of taxe payers money to promote abortion and LGBT idiology .Shame
"civilized' on another way Canada
jails innocent woman MARY WAGNER
for peaceful defending unborn children.
Last 10 years of her life she spent 6 years in jail.
Pray for her.
in same time, according to davil's "canadian law"
children in mother's womb
CAN BE MURDERED up to minutes before mother is giving birth to her child.
in addition...
prime minister of Canada "offered" 650 milions of dollars /March 08, 2017/ for abortion and changing the law in 'dark and not civilized muslem and christian countries abroad"