Francis Names Compromised Cardinal As New Camerlengo

Pope Francis has named Cardinal Kevin Farrell as the Carmerlengo of the Holy Roman Church. Farrell is a Bergoglio courtier, a radical relativist and deeply involved in the McCarrick and other abus…
McCarrick lives on in his "nephews" Tobin, Farrell, Cupich. That they are Francis' favourites reveals all lot about him
The word is not's LIAR and HERETIC
A compromised bishop is a FrancisBishop, a default. Maybe Frank and Kevin want to try trade boyfriends.
Farrell lived with homosexual Cardinal McCarrick but heard and saw nothing. Farrell, the confidant of McCarrick. What a trusty pair of hands. Francis thinks we're all idiots.
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Nothing gay to see here, move along.
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In this "era of synodality" all important posts seem to be centralised by a very small clique of political allies.