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Liturgical Significance of Pentecost

Meditation on the liturgical significance of Pentecost by FatherOdon de Castro

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Homily of FatherOdon for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2009 . Have the right disposition …

Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus

Sermon of FatherOdon for Shrove Tuesday. Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus 2009 . The three …
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… soldiers for treatment. On the death of his uncle. Ödön Batthyány. Strattmann. in 1915. Ladislaus inherited … . Strattmann . 1870. 1931. a layman. doctor and father of a family. He was born on 28 October 1870 in Dunakiliti … preparing for his university studies. Ladislaus's father

All Saints - November 1

… . Widow 18 Dedication. Basilicas of St. Peter . St. Paul Saint Odon or Eudes of Cluny. abbot 19 Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Widow Saint … Behold My mother and My brethren. For whoever does the Will of My Father
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L'Osservatore Romano April 4, 2014

… visit ad Limina Apostolorum . Archbishop Odon Marie Arsène Razanakolona of Antananarivo … what he was go. ing to say. Father I have sinned against … your son. But . the father would not let him speak … . derstand who . our Father
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Best Bible commentary 2

Calmet. Ver. 14. The Father 3. and my God. In … read Greek. kata ten odon as in our translation. … I am in the Father and the …Father in me. These words confi … onfirm the equality of the Father
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Best Bible commentary

… musicians. Calmet. or Greek. archon ton odon who gave out the songs. because he was … . Marisa. his first. born. He was the father of Ziph. and the sons … sons of Marisa. of the father of Hebron. … of Hebron. Father
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IGLESIA CATOLICA - Index Librorum Prohibitorum (1949)

… praecipuarum ecclesiae et mundi mutationum. 1618 Buen. Odón de Tratado elemental de geologia. 1895 Buen. …Odón de Tratado elemental de zoologia. 1895 Buffi. Benedetto … allegiance against a new catechisme set forth by a father
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Manual de historia de la Iglesia - 5 - Jedin-Hubert

… . Gesch. des deutschen Schrifttums in Ungarn. Munster 1931. M. ODÓN Die Entstehung der ungarischen protestantischen Kírchen. verfassung … Elizabeth I 1583. 88. Londres 1914. L. HICKS. Letters and Memorials of Father