Presiding German Bishop Gives Communion To High Ranking Protestant

Presiding German Bishop Georg Bätzing gave Communion to the Protestant politician Thomas de Maizière on May 29. The occasion was Stuttgart's Katholikentag …
De Rooms Katholieke kerk van na het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie is een protestantse Moslimkerk geworden, maar gelukkig is er de Tridentijnse Katholieke kerk van de Pius X broederschap die het zuivere Universele Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieke geloof van voor het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie belijdt.
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A Muslim politician and at least one Protestant politician have received Communion at Masses celebrated by bishops during a multi-day Catholic event in Germany.
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The same event, held on May 25-29, reportedly barred organizers of the German March for Life from holding a stall.
That is wrong ,God He is not sleeping
Defeat Modernism
Thank God the Novus Ordo is invalid (these modernists don't believe in the true presence obviously) and these faithless, immoral people are only receiving a wafer.
Indifferentism at its worst. This is the Synodal Path Germany wants the Catholic Church to walk.
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This is the original German twitter post.
They don’t believe in the real presence so to them why would it be sacrilege? They've been to long with the Novus Ordo.