Courageous Bishop: Traditionis Custodes Is "Declaration of War," “Ideology And Malice”

Francis’ Traditionis Custodes (TC) is “a declaration of war,”, “like a betrayal” and a slap in the face to previous popes, ‘s-Hertogenbosch Auxiliary Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, Netherlands, analyses on (July 23).

The Church has never abolished liturgies, not even Trent did, Mutsaerts writes, “Francis completely breaks with this tradition.” Mutsaerts finds many "factual inaccuracies” in Francis accompanying letter, e.g. Francis' "claim that what Paul VI did after Vatican II would be the same as what Pius V did after Trent. This is totally far from the truth.”

Trent (1545-1562) and Pius V (+1572) were not concerned with rewriting the liturgy. Therefore, the missal published by Pius V harks back to the missal of 1474 and so on, back continuously, to the 4th century.

Even Vatican II’s document on the liturgy is "conservative," Mutsaerts observes, as Latin and Gregorian chants were maintained, “However, the developments that followed Vatican II are far removed from the council documents.” His conclusion, "The infamous 'spirit of the council' is nowhere to be found in the council texts themselves.”

Mutsaerts refers to a recent study according to which only 17% of the prayers of the old Missal can be found in Paul VI's New Rite, “Thus you can hardly speak of continuity of an organic development,” and Francis claim of being in the Church's organic development is in “complete contradiction to reality.” On the contrary, “By making the Latin Mass practically impossible, Francis finally breaks with the age-old liturgical tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.”

The bishop teaches Francis that “the liturgy is not a toy of popes, but a heritage of the Church.” Francis’ action has for Mutsaerts “nothing to do with evangelism and even less with mercy,” “It's more like ideology.”. Francis follows the principle: “Vatican II including its implementation with all its aberrations, or nothing!”

Mutsaerts notices that according to Francis, Old Rite Catholics - who are a relatively small number but growing, while the Novus Ordo is “collapsing” – “must and will be banned.” He qualifies this as "ideology and malice.”

He notices that Bergoglio never objects to the many liturgical abuses in countless parishes where “everything is possible, except the Tridentine Mass” and "all weapons are thrown into the fray to banish the Ancient Mass."

"Why? For God's sake why?” - he asks Francis, who is not known for engaging in open dialogue.

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old school
You will see other 'hymns' in B/church:So come brothers and sisters

For the struggle carries on
The Internationale
Unites the world in song
So comrades come rally
For this is the time and place
The international ideal
Unites the human race
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio fostered division with the apostasy of his ´church with an Amazonian face´ where pagan cults are promoted during the indigenous parodies of the Holy Mass
Maria Pocs
Gerry Kane, "3 recent funerals in my parish. Final hymns: My Way, (Sinatra); Don’t you make my brown eyes blue (?), I could have danced all night (my Fair Lady). When I hear about restrictions on Latin Masses, I yearn for strong direction on those in the vernacular. We’re losing. Fast."
Ave Crux
Absolutely outrageous. Hearing things like this makes me even angrier about Pope Francis's systematic, evil deconstruction of sacred Tradition in order to protect these sacrileges from "competition".
...because Pope Francis is obviously directly responsible for approving the music at every Catholic funeral worldwide. According to the logic of some, he must be. Does silence equal consent? ;-)
God bless and protect bishop Mutsaerts
Is pope Francois being very progressive RIGID ?