44. To seek light

To seek the light of God is a process to do every day of our lives. Let’s rise:
“Rise up in splendour! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you.” Isaiah, chapter 60, verse 1

What is the light that we seek? The Light is already on us. The Light of the Lord, the light of the Trinity is always on us, and it is for us to welcome it, to receive and be enlightened by it.

Jesus’s light is to be demanded on us often, then we allow God to illuminate our lives and help us move forward on a quiet road, a better-defined road since we become better informed. With the light of God, we discern more in the depths of our heart what’s necessarily needed for the road.

A sincere prayer of the heart is the best way to unite with God, to welcome him and be enlightened. It focuses us on God and allows him to do the cleaning of our existence.

A prayer that’s already written, as the prayer of Jesus is, the Our Father, said with the heart, is an act of love. Each time we pray with an already written prayer or from within us, if it’s said with the heart, it’s an “I love you” to God.

We will possibly be distracted during our prayer time. These distractions are an opportunity for us to give them to God. This is part of our internal cleansing. It creates space to better accommodate God’s Presence in us.

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