Homosexuals in the Church: Correspondence conversation with Don Ariel S. Levi Gualdo

Don Ariel, you call the gay presence within the Church a "Way of the Cross." Why?
Just specify "within the Church", because I've never done battles against gays as such. I always treated with the utmost respect every person with homosexual tendencies that approached me. Some have asked me spiritual support, others have presented to my confessional which have never been released without absolution. My job is to administer the grace and forgiveness of God

Many patterns and socio-psychological influences that the youth of the twenty-first century can be induced to a lifestyle that does not like to call "evil" or "messy." I prefer the most paternal expression of "Christian lifestyle", remembering that Jesus warns: "The publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God" (Mt 21, 32). Why I write: "Gays are compatible with Paradise, perhaps even more than in other kinds of sinners with great diplomacy often tolerated even by the best Catholic morality. They are not, however, the priesthood, in a world composed of men of men who are asked to reach a sexual balance, but not easy to achieve and maintain "(And Satan came Trino, p. 221). When I was ordained a priest, the bishop urged me: "Always be yourself." To what extent can you say to a gay priest: "Always be yourself"? Or maybe you can set the priestly ministry on fiction, the double life? So, instead of walking with the Lord as the disciples on the Way to Emmaus (Lk 24, 13-35), the gay priests will be in transit on a Via Crucis perennial and not an end in itself that will lead them to the tomb stone overturned void of Christ, with serious damage to themselves and to the Church. All this not because they are people with homosexual tendencies to which forgiveness, grace and salvation are not precluded but they can not be themselves freely and happily. So it is that gay priest, unlike the secular risks being seriously preclude forgiveness, grace and salvation of his soul.
Why did you decide to report to the public this phenomenon? What goals has been placed? It would have been better a merciful silence?
Why is my divine "employer", the Incarnate Word, to better proclaim the truth assumed our human nature. So the truth of God, in Jesus and through Jesus, takes the form of a body, has a face, a gesture before the crowds. The sentence: "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (Jn 1, 14) is equivalent to saying that the truth became visible, palpable. This concreteness closed in the Gospels shows us the style of behavior and action, for example, "Who causes one of these little ones which believe in me, it is better for him to be put around his neck a millstone and to be drowned in the sea "(Lk 9, 38-47). This is the first part of the book explain what charity is and how it is inconceivable without truth and justice. Therefore, do not apply where appropriate, the charity firmly, that also means restoring the doctrine and authority of the Church, leading to a corruption of the idea of charity, turning it into a parody after it is emptied of its true meaning. When the Christological charity turns into "charity" clerical, here is born a thousand pitiful silence, targeted fund to replace the true God with the likely human.
The goal as a man and a priest I ask is to be alive servant partaker of the truth of the Word Incarnate. The harsh words Jesus addressed to and directed against the bad habits of the corrupt power of the decadent era Jewish clergy have led to the failure of the cross, but soon after the glory of the resurrection, because Jesus, the Word, "was God" (John 1.1). Now to the bad habits of the power of the corrupt decadent Catholic clergy Jesus would use the same words: "You brood of vipers (Luke 3:7) whited sepulchres" (Mt 23, 27). If it came in that branch of Sodom and Gomorrah which some have reduced the Vatican, to the point of saying to the Pope: "Pray that I may not flee for fear of the wolves" (Homily of 24.04.2005), who knows how many frustrated bestow the modern merchants of the temple (Mk 11, 15-19). Screaming, the words of the Prophet Jeremiah, not only: "You have made my house a den of thieves" (7:11). Perhaps it would say, "A den of thieves and a gay brothel intoxicated by the fumes of incense, aromatic, including lace vestments baroque." And again would know the council and the cross. And who knows how many bishops, priests and theologians accuse him of arrogance, removing credit and stating that it has the right to speak: "Is he not the carpenter's son? Is not his mother called Mary? "(Mt. 13, 55).
What are the aims of this lobby? What mechanisms do you use?
The internal destruction of the Church, it is clear! A few years ago I did the training for the ministry of exorcist who then gave me my bishop, although it has exercised only twice. Faced with allegations that possessions are very skeptical, almost all cases of interest are to be addressed in psychiatric clinical specialists. I had, however, a way of being before a genuine case and I think I have seen - not understood, only perceived - as the Mystery of Evil is pure intelligence that none of us can fight on their own. This pace of an exorcist on television said: "No, I'm not afraid of the devil, he has to be afraid of me." Now I say, the devil dared even groped God incarnate (Mt 4, 1-11. Mk. 1.12 to 13. Lk. 4, 1-13), we see him to be afraid of a mild ninety exorcist? To achieve its aims Satan uses fine arts superhuman sowing confusion and creating structures of inversion, by which the good becomes evil, evil good, virtue vice and vice virtue, sound doctrine becomes heresy and heresy sound doctrine. From this we have developed metastases that have infected the body of the Church, creating a lack of government of the Church weakened by a Gnostic theological relativism, by an exaggerated individualism and disobedience to the authority of the Supreme Pontiff and the bishops. This reverse seeks to replace God with his ego, just hear some priests theologians in a suit and tie in the season of the post council created their staff council egomenico and the chairs of the pontifical universities teach the controversial teachings of themselves. No coincidence that their most common words are: "How can I argue ... as I have written ... as I said to the Cardinal that I was right .. '.
Why do you think the presence of men with homosexual tendencies is so massive in the priesthood? The priesthood attracts these men, or seminary formation contributes to the emergence of these trends? Where does this apparent compatibility between consecrated life and a homosexual personality?
In my book I talk about the omosessualizzazione of the Church which arises from complex historical and social problems. I am 49 years old and when I think of the priests of my childhood, I have before me only images of men above suspicion. If there were sometimes problems were related to the affairs of women, sometimes until the abandonment of the priesthood. We are cautious, however, by saying that at the time there was a clergy healthier. It was different now, no one would have boasted some pleasantries. To address this issue have to be honest: "After a long shot on sex like the sin of sins, now we are suffering the blow of recoil and for actions and omissions, we priests, might appear less appropriate to speak in a credible sexual morality and bioethics evaluated on one hand the number of cases of clergy with sexual disorders stemming from their inherent incompatibility with the priesthood and the episcopate, and other violations of human dignity which are also recorded in the Church "( And Satan came Trino, p. 178). We have created pontifical councils for justice and peace, family, health and bioethics, but it seems that the wolf has covered more hair without losing the habit. Or to put it in concrete terms when denounced the Vicariate of Rome, with evidence and witnesses, a pastor with the money that the Church maintained a round of marketeers (op.cit., P. 185), not only was removed from the church, I was even taken the celebret the Diocese of Rome, whose bishop complained in 2010 to the Catholics of Ireland "a tendency in society to favor the clergy and other authority figures, and a misplaced concern for the reputation of the Church and the avoidance of scandals, which has now resulted in failure to apply existing canonical penalties and to safeguard the dignity of every person. " Faced with complaints presented to the various departments of the Holy See, including the Secretary of State - always supported by my bishop who judged unheard of that autocratic disregard of any law of the Church - I have not received even answer. This mean talking about reversing mechanisms: justice becomes injustice and injustice becomes law ...
The truth is that from the end of the sixties broke strict equilibria also based on processes of sexual repression, beginning with the training seminars. In thirty years the doctrine has been undermined and questioned the deposit of faith, everything is relative or become subject to eccentric experiments, just think of the liturgy or what some call the theological anthropology. Finally we came to the Church and omosessualizzazione all'omosessualismo in power. Necessary to take measures as soon as possible and rethink the seminars that have the effect of making future priests clerical Christians in the brain rather than the soul. Often lacking in the seminars educators, we must educate place before receiving a sound and solid education. For this I found myself several times to gather young people to pieces, sometimes in a crisis of faith, "rei" to be heterosexual, were expelled from the seminary trainers more or less openly gay seminarians that protected gay. Not to mention what happens in certain ancient historical orders, which for centuries has looked to the "poor" secular clergy "plebeian" smugly. Ah, what lessons gives life upside down when the pride from their thrones! Today to enter the novitiate of certain ancient abbeys or in some monastic university need to be afraid to take venereal disease only to breathe the air, since for not closing shop august certain religious orders have declined to pick up what we slam out from seminars, needless to say: serious moral grounds. This apparent compatibility between consecrated life and a homosexual personality, founded by these imbalances have generated a real coup dell'omosessualismo. Or to put it raw: "Some seminarians in the seventies and eighties capeggiavano the seminars the pious confraternity, today they are bishops, and just become so, we first have surrounded themselves with related matters, and always placed the penalty in all key posts of dioceses, seminaries included, protecting and reproducing each other "(op. cit., p. 216)" aesthetising emptily omosessualizzando faith and the Church "(p. 195).
What remedies proposed to solve this problem?
The apostolic authority. Word that scares, that of "authority", because many theologians egomenici the "more collegiality" and "more democracy", mixed with the authoritarian and autocratic arbitrariness; own quell'autoritarismo exercised aggressively fringed ultra progressive or by certain sectarian lay associations to those who think like them. "The church is the repository of legitimate coercive power that God has given and if necessary should be used so decided to avoid any form of anarchy inside. Coercive power is not meant for a police state inquisitorial but only say the defense of truth against error and the insolent rebellion of men blinded by individualism "(op.cit., P. 80). The Holy See has produced various documents and exhortations in this regard, but day by day I am a witness of their non-application, because we are facing a true epidemic, before which there is no other solution that action as indicated in the Gospel: "If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from thee: it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell" (Matt. 5: 29-30). We follow in putting the eye drops chamomile, consoling with the idea that the Church "has exceeded even the worst moments." What false, because in ancient times the Church has been attacked from the outside by forces that they could count on the support of a few or many internal traitors. Today, however, is under attack not only from the outside, because inside produces evil that consumes, with the risk of becoming a facility that produces sin sin. In past eras which happened something like this? Even in the days of John XII, the boy elected Roman Pontiff in 955 at age 18 and died in circumstances not exactly edifying to 26.
What were the reactions to your complaint? How did his brothers?
Apparently total indifference, so that even a sigh from spreading among the members of the People of God on private floor several prelates have called me, unanimously agreed that I had made a nice service to the truth. Someone has come to use expressions so flattering to embarrass me, perhaps to prove that when the devil tries to tease the vanity always wears red Prada? Great. In practice however, these solidarity complimentatori, what they did to promote the dissemination of their work to be defined as "a service to the Church"? Nothing. Knowing that live under the fire of snipers omosessualisti the powerful clerical gay mafia, what have they done to disarm them, or to protect me? Nothing. Be reduced to cannon fodder for us priests is part of the risks of the job, it is written in the indelible character of the priesthood which we have received, because we have been called to become one with the Lamb Lamb that was slain, Christ the Savior. After all, knowing a little 'the true essence of theology and history articulated, I know that in twenty centuries of life and after numerous councils celebrated, in the entire history of the Church there is only one decision collegially unanimously without dissent without a negative vote, "Then all the disciples forsook him and fled" (cf. Mt 26, 54. Mk. 14, 50). In any case I'll never be alone. Christ is always with me, in fact: it relies on my hands to become the body and blood living, visible presence in his Church and nourishment for the People of God I can not be happy in this life and in the future, given that I am a priest of Christ and that I will be forever?
I thank your online newspaper for the information service you are doing on this issue through the breaking of the curtain of silence and secrecy that surround this drama epidemic Christ there will reward and little by little, the Church, will derive great benefits, after many and long suffering.
SOURCE Correspondence Roman (14 January 2013)…