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Back in His Parish Austria Father Gerhard Wagner whom Pope Benedict XVI has unsuccessfully tried to appoint as an auxiliary bishop of the Austrian diocese of Linz is back in his parish – the … More

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Cardinal Lehmann is a shame for the Holy Church. He'd better fit into the role of a clown!
It's not ok to speak like this, but neither it is ok to badmouth bishop Williamson (who is really a faithful catholic unlike Lehmann) as this cardinal does!
Those degenerated losers should take a leaf out of Mons. Williamson's book!
Cardinal Lehman talks about being "ridiculous"...maybe we should send the Holy Father the Cardinal's many carnival hates and costumes that he loves wearing and auction them off to pay for the pedophile court cases. Pelosi says she's an "ardent" Catholic? Lies, lies, nothing but lies. Her popularity and assuming power is more important than the slaughter of over 50,000,00 innocent lives.