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Purity, Modesty, and How We Dress At Mass.

A portion of a EWTN homily that was given by Fr. Dominic Mary. He spoke of St. Bernadine of Siena, who is well know for his promotion of the virtue of purity. Fr. Dominic's homily focused on modesty and the way that we dress, especially at Mass. The full homily can be seen on EWTN's website.
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Holy Communion - Peter shares the Eucharist with new Christians.

This clip is from the movie "Saint Peter".
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Google - My search led to the Catholic Church

My search led to the Catholic Church.
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Archie Bunker Baptizes Grandson

Archie Bunker must take it upon himself to baptize his grandson because his son-in-law is a "dopey atheist".
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Very amusing. The baptism is not valid though unless the water is flowing!!

The Catholic Church - The Original and Apostolic Church of Christ

The Catholic Church is the original and apostolic church of Jesus Christ. For nearly two thousand years, the Church has maintained the teachings and traditions of Christ, the Apostles, and the earliest Christians. The Catholic Church is the oldest … [More]
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