Brother Timothy Marie
Brother Timothy Marie

Fr. James Altman: You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period

FiatvoluntasTua thanks 'giveusthisday' for your utterly useless words. So what if the most PRO-LIFE President is a Mason. While Trump will be finished in four years, his PRO-LIFE judges(some Tradies among them) will serve for decades. Lord have mercy on you!
Brother Timothy Marie

A group of Catholic men praying the Rosary together before one of them gets married

Obviously the priest is making a special blessing, NOT the Sacrament.
Brother Timothy Marie

New church for the Coeur d’Alene latin mass community

BEAUTY will save the world.
Brother Timothy Marie

"I don’t remember the footnote" 351

"In the past few days I have been reading a book by a Cardinal — Cardinal Kasper, a clever theologian, a good theologian — on mercy. And that book did me a lot of good, but do not think I am promoting my cardinals’ books! Not at all! Yet it has done me so much good, so much good..."

Angelus Pope Francis 17 March 2013
Brother Timothy Marie

Missa Hispana (Codex Emilianensis) - Kyrie


Sublime beauty!

Dearest fratello, hope and pray all is well........several attempts at phoning, to no avail.
oremus pro invicem.

Pax Christi