Jan 20 - Homily: Christian Unity and the Covenant

Fr. Ignatius on the promise of intimacy in the new covenant and how this will give us God as our personal teacher, but that this does not mean that Christian unity in the one teaching Church is not needed for coming to the truth about God. Ave Maria! … [More]
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Jan 19 - Homily: Jesus is the Savior

Fr Ignatius comments on the reading where Jesus cures many people and give eternal salvation, but only if we repent, turn from sin and go to Him. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 2nd Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: heb 7:25-86 Resp: psa 40:7-8,… [More]
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Jan 18 - Homily: Being Open to Teaching

Fr. Ignatius uses the example of Jesus healing on the Sabbath and the reaction of the Pharisees to point out the need to be open to the teaching of Christ. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 2nd Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: heb 7:1-3, 15-17 … [More]
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Jan 17 - Homily: The Radical Choice - Follow Jesus

St. Anthony Abbot gave up all to follow Christ. This is the perennial option placed before Christians, the choice: Christ or the world. One can answer the call in many ways, but to answer the call is the condition on which our salvation depends. … [More]
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Jan 16 - Homily: True Friars Minor - St. Berard & Companion Protomartyrs

St. Francis called St. Berard and his fellow martyrs true Friars Minor - they humbled themselves to the point of imitating Christ's ultimate sacrifice on the Cross, and thus perfectly fulfilled their Franciscan vocation. Mass: Sts. Berard and Compan… [More]
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37 - 5 First Saturdays, 3rd Secret of Fatima - Mariology for Everyone

Dr. Mark Miravalle discusses the Five First Saturdays devotions given to Sr. Lucia years after the apparitions to the three children on December 10th 1925. He covers the message itself that points out the need to do reparations and then the … [More]
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36 - The Message of Fatima - Mariology for Everyone

Dr. Mark Miravalle on the apparitions of Our Lady to three young children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francesco in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. He covers the prayers and sacrifices and penance that Mary asks of us for world peace and for the triumph of the … [More]
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Do Your Marian Homework - MNOW 46

Dr. Mark Miravalle gives us friendly encouragement to do our homework for Mary and read the new document titled "The Role of Mary in Redemption" by the International Marian Association which recommends the proclamation of the dogma of Mary as the … [More]
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Jan 15 - Homily: The Witness of a Simple Life

We met John the Baptist in Advent, and meet him again at the beginning of Ordinary Time. His message is the same: Behold the Lamb of God... He is the Son of God. Our world is very complex, that is, very confused. In captivity to the dictatorship of … [More]
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Jan 14 - Homily - Fr Jacinto: He came for us, sinners

The calling of Matthew (Levi) to be among the apostles was not pleasing to the Pharisees who had a great dislike for tax collectors. For Jesus to associate with them and to call one of them was scandalizing. Jesus wanted to make the point that he … [More]
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Jan 13 - Homily: Do not Forget the Works of the Lord

Fr. Ignatius refers to the miracles of Jesus on the need to keep in mind the great things that the Lord can do and make this a part of our spiritual live to avoid sin an get to heaven. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday 1st Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Reading… [More]
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34 - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mariology for Everyone

Dr. Mark Miravalle discusses the apparition of Our Lady of near Mexico City in 1531 and how it led to the largest mass conversion of a people in the history of the Church from a religion that involved mass human sacrifice. This series is a complete … [More]
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35 - Miraculous Medal and Lourdes - Mariology for Everyone

Dr. Mark Miravalle on the Miraculous Medal that was given to St. Catherine Laboure at Rue du Bac, Paris, France in 1830 and the apparitions of Our Lady to St. Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 at Lourdes, also in France. He covers the rich mariology and … [More]
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Jan 12 - Homily: Prayer and Trust

Fr. Ignatius on how the Israelites after so many proofs of God's goodness and solicitude did not trust him and so were not allowed into the promised land. Daily we need to pray and convert to trust him and avoid sin so as to enter heaven. Ave Maria! … [More]
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Day With Mary #166: Epiphany, the Eucharist and Our Lady

Ave Maria! Fr. Giles speaks on the Eucharist and Our Lady during the Day With Mary held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Toodyay, Western Australia on 7 January 2017. +++ For mp3 Audio of this video, go to - By the Franciscan… [More]
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Jan 10 - Homily: Apostasy, the devil, and the priesthood of the baptized

Christian souls are both the battlefield where the struggle between the devil and the Son of Man is decided, as well as protagonists in the playing out of this meta-historical struggle in the world. Our day is not unlike the first days of the … [More]
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Jan 11 - Homily: Early Prayer to Handle Evil of Each Day

Fr. Ignatius on how Jesus rose early each day to say his prayers in order to maintain a busy schedule of doing good. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 1st Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: heb 2:14-18 Resp: psa 105:1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8-9 0 Gsp: mar … [More]
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Jan 08 - Homily: The Interior Star of Faith

Following the feast of Christmas, we have the Epiphany when Our Lord is manifested to the nations in the persons of the Magi. The Magi were learned men who sought the truth, and so they were shown the star that lit their way to Bethlehem. But there … [More]
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Jan 07 - Homily - Spiritual Interpretation of Epiphany

Fr. Angelo walks us through the spiritual interpretations of the three mysteries celebrated at Epiphany: the Adoration of the Magi, the Baptism in the Jordan, and the Wedding Feast of Cana. He then relates these to the stages of deepening our … [More]
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Jan 06 - Homily: Genealogy of Jesus

Fr. Ignatius explains the significance of the genealogy of Jesus and how Jesus was present at the first man Adam and throughout salvation history. Ave Maria! Mass: Wkdays before Epiphany - Jan 6 Optn 3 - Wkdy Readings: 1st: 1jo 5:5-13 Resp: psa 147:… [More]
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