Harvey Millican
Harvey Millican
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

The Week of St. Michael

I received an email from a reader who hails from my native Northeast. He reminded me of the upcoming feast of St. Michael the Archangel which is this upcoming Friday. And a great …
Differences between NO and TLM made clear by a child.

Why Is It So Quiet in Here?

At the evening Mass tonight – a rather full house for a Sunday late afternoon – I made my way towards the front of the church where I usually try to sit. Much to my teenage …
Thank the Lord!

This Is the Best Thing I’ve Seen in Years!

Looks like Frank is back at it. Praised be Jesus Christ!

When God Flexes On Your Age

The Communion verse today at Mass (Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost): “O Lord, I will be mindful of Thy justice alone: Thou hast taught me from my youth, and unto old age and …

Take Advantage

Tonight I was blessed to attend a sung Mass for Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows. Following this I returned the church for an hour of Adoration. Earlier I had been to confession. We don’t know …
Frank, come back! We need you! Seriously, let us continue to pray for his speedy recovery. Meanwhile there's this.

The Advice Bishop Strickland Didn’t Seek (But He Really Should Investigate)

First, a note of sadness and a note of hope… Today was almost depressing for me (and probably a bit for you too). Seeing the …
Tony Dee
Yes Pray for Frank Walker a true Catholic warrior for Christ.

Prayers for Frank

I just returned from Sunday Mass. I saw Barnhardt’s post on Frank Walker. It seems Frank had a stroke this past Thursday night. I had been wondering why the page hadn’t been updated …
Fiat Voluntas Tua
🙏 🙏 🙏
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Man up, brothers.

A Man Acting Like, Wait for It… A Man!

Check it… Key takeaways: “I just did something. I told you the TRUTH.” “You are a man! Start acting like a man!” Let’s apply these two statements to another …
Liam Ronan
@Harvey Millican - A man. Flight 93. Todd Beamer Sept. 11, 2001 "Are you ready? Okay. Let's roll."
Don’t question my musical tastes. I was musically mid-trained as a joke.

Teddy Baby (Tell the Radio Good Night)

With apologies to the late Helen Reddy for, I don’t know, something… Let’s talk about the title. Earlier today I was perusing a blog I read frequently. If you’ve …

September, First Friday/Saturday, and the Seven Sorrows

Check out this beaut’… The above is the September offering from the folks at tradflags.com . I’m not an impulse shopper, I promise, but boy, when …
Credo .
Beautiful! Mater Dolorosa, Ora Pro Nobis.
Bets on whether it actually happened?

Vigano is on to Something (If Only George Neumayr was Still with Us)

I have had a feeling for some time that Bergoglio never actually laicized Theodore McCarrick. I first got that sense when the late …
John A Cassani
It would be good to know, but laicization doesn’t mean much these days. Back in the times when clergy were only subject to Canon Law, laicization meant …More
It would be good to know, but laicization doesn’t mean much these days. Back in the times when clergy were only subject to Canon Law, laicization meant not only a humiliating, and probably physically painful ritual that included the scraping the palms to symbolically remove the anointing, but also the exposing of the cleric to secular criminal prosecution. Now, it means taking away a priests benefits, and not permitting priestly privileges in funeral rites, but not much else. I never saw much significance in what Bergoglio did to him. But, it would be good to expose if even this weak punishment was a ruse. And I certainly miss George Neumayr, and pray for the repose of his soul.
Anything Goes!

Anything Goes

Cole Porter would be so proud. Here we are 89 years after he composed a hit musical and the Roman Catholic Church has decided to adopt its title song as Her motto. Also, Porter was a sodomite …

Another Nine Days

A new St. Rita Novena begins today for me. In the petition prayer for the novena I use it says the following: “We promise, if our petitions are granted, to make known your favor and …
Please pray for these special intentions.

Prayers, Please

I had intended to write tonight asking for prayers for a special intention of mine and I still ask for those prayers. Please, if you read this, ask St. Rita to intercede for my intention …
Still on the fence about homeschooling?

The Three Most Important Reasons to Homeschool

A reader in Australia, who’s acquaintance I am pleased to make and who has not (miraculously) fallen off the bottom of the earth, recently wrote me regarding …
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Still on the fence about homeschooling?
Where’s my decree?!

Great Job, Bishop Olson; Now do Actual Schismatics!

I stand with the Arlington Carmel. That was easy. We used to have a word for men like Bishop Olson. We used to have a lot of them. Oaf comes to mind.…
Sandy Barrett
Would you trust him? I mean - on anything?
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The good bishop announced today that the nuns are now possibly excommunicated. I ask, “From what?” What is excommunication in a Church where the man …More
The good bishop announced today that the nuns are now possibly excommunicated. I ask, “From what?” What is excommunication in a Church where the man squatting on Peter’s throne gives Communion to Lutherans? What does it mean to be outside the structure of a Church where “All are welcome”? The sisters were right to cite their consciences in that letter. The anti-Church has been telling us for decades that conscience is king.
I hope he repented.

Death Comes for the Bishop

Howard Hubbard died this morning. May God have mercy on his soul. For reference, this is the same Hubbard who did his best to destroy the Church in Albany for forty years, was …
The road to hell is paved with....

Texas Cold Front

Boy howdy, I tell you hwhat… This morning I stepped onto my front porch and the temperature was a chilling 73°. Of course, that was at 6:15 AM. By 11 it was already 99. But that’s …
A few things... Cardinal Burke?

Just Say It! (And a Sidenote on Back to School)

There is a fascinating interview on CFN’s website. Matt Gaspers interviewed Archbishop Vigano. Check it out and see if you draw the same conclusions I …
Sally Dorman
Caffarra died at 79 (2017). Brandmüller was over 80 when he became Cardinal.
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A few things... Cardinal Burke?
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A new flag for Christ the King

The King Needed a New Flag

Last week I hoisted a beautiful new flag that I had purchased from tradflags.com. It is a flag of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I pointed out that my existing Sacred Heart flag …