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Enjoy! Leftists at the Door of the Supreme Court

I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in.
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11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

For the most part, I say yes. Liberals/progressives do this as modus operandi.
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Pro-Gay Protestants Push Cardinal Cupich to Promote Hatred Against Faith

Cupich needs to answer about (Fr) Phillip Jacobs back in the late 80s and early 90s at the Josephinum
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Pro-Gay Cupich Lies, Gets in Troubles

Blaise was a bully at the Josephinum. Came down hard on those exposing homosexual scandal. He also used the race card then too.
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Diocese led by pro-gay bishop says it’s ‘up to each parish’ whether to promote homosexuality

What do the bishop, priest, and footstools have in common? All pouffes
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Enough With Pervert Church!1P5 Minute: 6-29-2018:

My sentiments exactly. I was in the seminary late eighties, half were either squishy or out and out flaming. About 1/3 who were in my class are currently living the homosexual lifestyle.
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Bishops Speak about “Peace” - Priests Apply For Firearms

Preach the Gospel, administer the sacraments, and pack some heat.
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The Science About When Life Begins Makes Pro-Choicers Look Terrible

Leftists always knew it was a life... they aren't that stupid in this regard. This, there, is why they are truly evil people because they don't care about the destruction of the innocent. Their message or intent is what matters, not the facts, truth or morality.
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Cdl. Cupich removes faculties from traditional priest accused of misconduct but found innocent

Hmm... and when he was the rector of the Pontifical College Josephinum, he turned a blind eye to the complaints against "Fr." Philip Jacobs, who was finally arrested in Canada for diddling.
Hugh N. Cry

Pro-Abortion Mantra: Archbishop Martin Calls For "Safe, Rare and Legal" Abortion

If this statement is true, he has no business being a bishop than my pinky toe does.
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Teaser of Paris to Chartres Pilgrimage 2018 [ENGLISH]

Probably one of the most physical things I've ever done in my life.
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Bishop Resigns: Because He Did not Uphold Unforgiveness Beyond the Grave

Call me jaded, but I am very suspect of the hierarchy in these cases. Think Saginaw, Michigan. It horrifies me as a lifelong Catholic who as a young boy "adored" all things sacerdotal, and was in the seminary in the 1980s, and heard of the abuses taking place. A friend and I were discussing not too long ago about the number of active homosexuals who were in our class (about half) and have either … More
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Written on the sign, "Fr Martin's bridge to sin offends God"

Kommandant Cupich: For this outrage, I will close down 3 Latin Mass parishes in my diocese.
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Why Does The Vatican Honor Deniers Of God?

Been sucking up to the secular world since the Lateran Treaty.
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Cardinal Cupich calls Excommunicated Senator Durbin

Cardinals wear red to symbolize that they would be willing to shed their blood for the Church. Someone forgot to tell Cupich it's his own blood not those of the unborn.
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Catholic Priest Defends Legalizing Abortion, Calls Pro-Life People the “Lunatic Fringe”

Most likely he's a pouf who hates anything that has to do with the Natural Law.
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This is a boy who thinks he’s a girl choking a real girl in a wrestling match. Guess who won?

The person in the red is a female who is "transitioning" into a more masculine female (or as those misguided.. a "boy"). The particular state's HS sports rules stated individuals must wrestle with those they are anatomically born as. What a mixed-up world some people are creating.
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Francis Again Refuses to Kneel in Front of Eucharistic Adoration

It's hard to kneel when you've had a mitre, let alone papal tiara, working up through your digestive system all these years.
Hugh N. Cry

German nun with 88 years

The "discipline" sure has come a long way. Head 'em up, move 'em out
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Cardinal Tobin: "There is no compelling theological reason why Pope Francis shouldn't name women …

Tobin is a "finger wetter." He uses it to determine the pop culture winds of change. He was bad for Indianapolis and is bad for Newark. Oh heck, he's bad for the universal Church.
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Papal award for pro-abortion politician 'down to protocol'

As a knight, albeit not in this particular papal order, let alone a catholic, I find this to be scandalous. Being "just an exchange of diplomatic baubles" is icing on the scandal cake. How embarrassing.