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Gift of God Marmora part I


Individuals and groups testify to having seen Our Lady, felt Her presence, received messages from Her, and experienced life transformation as a consequence of praying at the Greensides' Farm at … Plus
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Gift of God Marmora part II


Jesus, your mother gave you the greatest gift a mother can give. With profound faith, dear brothers and sisters, we devote ourselves to the Mother of God by the devotional act of pope Paul VI. ( … Plus
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Messages donnés à Véronique Demers venant du Sacré Coeur de Jésus et de Notre-Dame 6 parties

Pour la petite messagère Véronique Demers, des messages mis en textes sont lisible sur le net au:!245FE2BA1E533FEF!146.entry ou à la page principale: jcpa… Plus