Ceremonies come after

Tsze-hsia asked a question to Confucius about a verse of poetry. What did the writer mean when he said the plain background that the colours were put on to make the beautiful image? Confucius said … More

The Prince of Reinmar

6 pages
A short story I wrote All Glory to God More

The Butcher and the Widow

4 pages
a short story I wrote. Based on a supposedly true story I was told years ago about an army captain that witnessed something like this at a butcher shop in Luxembourg. All Glory to God More

Love Your Enemies

Confucius' words here are saying that a proper man, even if he has struggles or fights with others, remains courteous and kind towards him. Like if he is in an archery competition, he will still bow … More
mexico earthquake

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The Purpose of Studies

Photograph of Russian peasant women from 1909 The person who has truly learned is not the one who knows much knowledge, but it is the one who knows the right way to live. All Glory to God More

Not to trust in appearances

Illustration is Jacob Abbott's depiction of Caesar crossing the Rubicon. Christ said do not judge by appearances but judge with right judgment. All Glory to God More

Attention to the root

Painting is from Almeida Júnior’s depiction of Jesus’ baptism The wise man looks to his elders and forefathers to learn. The ancestor of all the ancestors of human beings is God. The wise student … More

Obedience and Rebellion

Painting is Giotto's depiction of Francis receiving approval for his order from the Pope. Photograph is of Vladimir Lenin. Those who love peace are also those who obey and respect the true authoritie… More


painting is Georges de la Tour's work: 'Joseph the Carpenter' All Glory to God More

The Foolishness of God

1 Corinthians 1 - the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. All Glory to God More

Obedience to Bishops

Quotation is from paragraph 9 of the encyclical 'Tribus Circiter' (1906). Pius X was Pope from 1903-1914. All Glory to God More
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Social Justice

photo from (Centro de Estudios y Documentacion <<Padre Hurtado >> de la Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile) All Glory to God More

Wolgemut's 'Sermon of the Antichrist'

Michael Wolgemut(1434-1519) was a German painter who was the teacher of Albrecht Durer. This was made by him in the late 15th century; it depicts the antichrist. The Emperor on the left with the … More