A Man Called Francis

One of the most startling cases of stigmata involves a non-assuming married man from the United States. He seeks no publicity and would prefer a private life. Through his spiritual guide, Fr. Robert Fox, Mary Lou McCall explores the life and … [More]

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The date of Francis' passing has always been in the video's description.

I purchased Father Fox's book years ago but left it at an adoration chapel for others to read while I was finishing up with another but whoever took it never returned it so I never did get to read the book.
My wife and I were blessed to have met Francis in Escanaba, MI, some 5 or 6 years ago. We stopped by the house when the group met regularly after I read Fr. Fox's book then did a search on the Internet and got the address. Tonight a friend mentioned in his email about Sault Ste. Marie that reminded me about our trip at that time. I replied then described a bit about the route we took after Sault St. Marie and our meeting with Francis in Escanaba. To provide them more info on Francis, I did a … [More]
Thanks you very much for your video about Francis !