Individual wandering on Notre Dame at the beginning of the fire

Disturbing images of a strangely accoutered individual wandering on a corridor of the south tower of Notre Dame at the beginning of the fire
A firefighter
Isn't it a fire-fighter with helmet?
and look another 5 more minutes to see the truth.
Was it a Muslim or not? As of today, the police have not publicly stated what they believe to be the motivation if the fire was, indeed, started by an arsonist. However, one cannot ignore the fact that, in so many other cases dealing with crimes of passion, this may have been a case of unrequited love. A closeup photo of the suspected arsonist. likes this.
...and if it WAS a Muslim, the media will immediately begin making excuses. "He doesn't represent Islam as a religion, blah-blah-blah..."
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That individual looks like moslem...
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This story is from 2016.
Good catch. I didn't notice that. Still relevant though. There was no accident. This was intentional. 800+ years and no major fire. Then in the 21 century France is flooded with muslims and ruled by masons and atheists. Notre Dame catches fire coincidentally?
Reports also say there were no construction workers there yesterday. Another report says recently muslim girl was sentenced for plot to burn down Notre Dame.
Alex A
Construction workers

*Correction, muslim was recently sentenced with plotting to burn down Notre Dame.…/france-muslim-g…
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