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The book is very informational. I'm about halfway, and it has alot of Catholic history and is good reading.
Just a Few Chapter Topics:
The Synagogue of Satan
Julian the Apostate and the Doomed Temple Rome Discovers the Talmud False Conversion and the Inquisition The Revolution Arrives in Europe The Converso Problem Reuchlin vs. Pfefferkorn Thomas Muentzer and the Peasant Revolt| The Anabaptist Rebellian| John Dee and Magic Menassah and the Apostate Messiah The Trial of … [More]

"Catholics don't know their faith."
"Masons are within the Knights of Columbus."
"If it doesn't matter what you believe, than why believe in anything at all?"
A very informative book to read is...
"THE JEWISH REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT" and Its Impact on World History.
Author: E. Michael Jones,...I know Christendom College has a copy of this thick hard-covered book. For purchase, you can purchase the book by calling "Fidelity Press" South Bend, Indiana [More]

Excellent talk. However, one might want somewhat of a more specific, honed, 'assault' (if you will), of the Free Masons - complete with lists and documentary evidence. The Masonic movement has many manifestations....
(Oh incidentally, if Salza is of one mind with Trady regarding the Universal Church, he is a Sedevacantist.....)