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The Church of England has voted to allow women priests to be ordained as bishops, overturning centuries of tradition in a church that has been deeply divided over the issue.
After almost five hours of debate, the General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, approved on Monday the proposal to allow women to take up senior roles in the Church.…/church-england-…

Generálna synoda Anglikánskej cirkvi v pondelok hlasovala za to, aby mohli byť ženy vysvätené za biskupky. Zvrátila tým stáročnú tradíciu v cirkvi, ktorá bola v tejto záležitosti dlho hlboko rozdelená,…/europa [More]

Don't look at this as a victory yet. They have some outragous demands

There is plenty of room in the Catholic Church and you'll be warmly welcomed :-)

Hundreds of disillusioned Anglicans are expected to defect to the Roman Catholic Church in time for Lent. Tadhg Enright, Sky News reporter Sunday January 30, 2011 It follows a campaign by Father Keith Newton to leave the Church of England in protest at its stance on the ordination of women and gay clergy. Fr Newton has encouraged Anglicans to join the Ordinariate - a special branch of Catholicism established by the Pope - to welcome protestant defectors. The Ordinariate is a special structure … [More]