Our Lady of Akita

Sunamis 46 8 3
The message given to Sister Sasagawa by Our Lady in Akita.
alex j Please do us all a favor and watch prayerfully the links provided in my comment below. Our Mother responded to John XXIII's attempt to bury the message of Fatima in 1960 by several years of apparitions, 1960 to 1965, at Garabandal and then to Sister Agnes for several years, and especially with the message of 13 October 1973. Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgin de Guadalupe! God love you...
Alexj The bishop that authorised this apparition was the sole person with authority to do so or condemn it. He gave his mark of imprimatur. He alone has jurisdiction not any committee nor " most noted of Scotland's Catholic laity Hamish Fraserand" the bishop alone is guided by the holy spirit on not making a mistake. Can you name an apparition or book that has ever received the mark of an … More
alex j
Unfortunately many have been taken in- including the majority of SSPX - by this highly unlikely apparition. What is not known by most devotees, or if they do know they choose to ignore, is [a] The Bishop who "recognised" the alleged apparitions did so against the ruling of his own committee of investigation. [b] The "apparition nun" was a recent convert at the time of the "apparition" and was … More
Ivan Tomas
Agreed, but many people are just too ignorant to comprehend dat the apparitions of our Lady in Akita are most of all, the confirmation of our Lady of all Nation, where the messages where ALLREADY given which are in fact only repeated to sister Sasagawa.
And the main THING of our Lady, Mother of God, which God has asked for Her and well from His and Her children (the Catholic Church)… More
Recent comments of Sister Agnes approving excellent new documentary of Akita by Dave Dionisi: and Catholic attorney Chris Ferrara, proving 3rd part of Fatima message not fully revealed:
Having visited Sister twice, I remain convinced of her humility, truthfulness and love for Jesus and Mary. Akita is Fatima updated and most urgent today...
Ivan Tomas
it is important to listen and understand. And after that to DO what our Lady ask from us.
When She said: "It is IMPORTANT to become a CHRISTIAN..." - It is not that we know or don't know,... but that we obey and DO. And when I say "we", then I mean all of us, but first and foremost the servants of Christ and His Church.
Dr Bobus
Why would the Blessed Virgin tell us what we already knew?