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Projections: Last week The Remnant and Catholic Family News published a Liber of Accusation against Pope Francis. Among other criticisms, it points out that he likes to ridicule a, “supposed … More
apvs mentioned this post in Que de fébrilité, cher Emmanuel ... Calmez-vous, cela vous fera le plus grand bien. Allons, le ….
Lionel L. Andrades
Here I have affirmed the Catholic Faith according to Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS Feeneyite).You can place it on a Jewish or Muslim website or forum, as you suggested I do.

So for me EENS( Feeneyite) and Vatican Council II (Feeneyite) says all Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Orthodox Christians and other non Catholics are oriented to the fires of Hell … More
Holy Cannoli
To respond to a lunatic or in any way to dialogue with a lunatic would, in effect, make the person responding a lunatic as well.
The extremely long, rambling, (he's made 4 of these idiotic posts today with more likely to come) convoluted posts are usually flooded with bold, italics and various colors are made on on a daily basis demonstrating the obsessive/compulsive behavior … More
Lionel L. Andrades
I have mentioned that I accept Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus( Feeneyite) you have not acknowledged this or affirmed the same.I am affirming the magisterium of the Catholic Church. You cannot comment either way on this issue.Instead Cannoli you feel comfortable talking about my health and colours and what not...
I have said that Catholic Answers … More
Holy Cannoli
Lionel “The Humble” Andrades is a mentally unbalanced anti-Catholic. In addition he suffers from delusions of grandeur in that he believes only he and not the magisterium of the Church knows the truth of Catholic teaching.
One only needs to observe his daily repeated attempts to discredit the Catholic Church and reputable organizations within the Church such as EWTN, Catholic Answers and … More
On peut ajouter que du haut de sa papamobile il ne bénit pas mais se comporte comme un homme politique cherchant les applaudissements.
Lionel L. Andrades
We have a new salvation theology and this not be mentioned by the writers of the Liber of Accusations

The Remnant and Catholic Family News published a Liber of Accusation against Pope Francis however they do not mention the heresy being taught by Catholic organisations with the approval of the two popes.
Here we have Catholic Answers not aware of what is the exact cause of the hermeneutic of …
These accusations are true. How can Jorge Bergoglio be a valid pope?