We Must Lay Aside What Distracts Us From God

Today the Lord calls a person to give up all he has to follow the LORD. We can learn from this lesson, that though the Evangelical Councils may not be for us, we too must set aside what interferes with our relationship with God

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Actually my problem with notes is not that, familiarity with them helps little. Dyslexia is dyslexia. The only way to become more familiar is to memorize and I did public speaking, and it can always be caught.

This is why I rarely read. I usually use impromptu, or I use note cards, but when the issue I think is so important that I need to not omit one particular distinction (So people don't misunderstand) I write it. And I try to do it in 16 point, and sense lines so as to keep to it less … [More]
Holy Cannoli
Good but no cigar.

Become better familiar with your message and you will not need to rely so heavily on your notes. It's distracting. Give anecdotes/parables from your own life experience or the experience of the saints to reinforce your message. Personal stories are easy to remember; generalizations are not. Didn't Christ use parables when He spoke?