Francis’ Homilies Are Gone

Gloria.TV News 4 5 has cancelled most of Pope Francis’ morning homilies, the pro-Francis has noticed. Until some months ago, all Francis' homilies were available on VaticanNews… More
Dr Bobus
And what about Farrell? And McElroy? And Cupich? And others?
One homily describes Christ as stained with sin. Some real 'gems,' ie blasphemy.
Holy Cannoli
Catholic League’s Bill Donohue

He (Wuerl) should be criticised for his liberal ideology, not for a never-ending so-called abuse scandal that instrumentalizes abuses for one single aim: in order to damage the Church.

My view of this issue? The Church has been “damaged” but not by the current crop of scandalous reports. It has been ‘damaged’ by the clerical homo perpetrators. Besides, haven’t … More
Sólo Díos basta
I doubt that there were ever 600 homilies on They have not imported old data from radio vaticana. Therefore only homilies since the beginning of (December 17) can be there.