"Calendimaggio di Assisi" Parte De Sopra - Documentary

THEFILMART on Oct 27, 2010 Assisi: In May, in the historical center takes place the "Calendimaggio di Assisi". This festival dates back to pagan traditions that celbravano the return of spring and the renewal of the life cycle. The two parties that … [More]

The Festival of Calendimaggio

The origins of the festival of Calendimaggio which takes place in Assisi, are to be found among the ancient customs of many different peoples, but especially in the Roman celebrations known as the "Fasti di Maggio" and in the medieval tradition of celebrating the arrival of Spring in early May (Kalende di Maggio) with groups of revelers serenading through the streets of the town.

Corteo Calendimaggio
A more recent historical background to the festival is provided… [More]