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To all doubting,sophisticated minds of today I recommend "The Teachings of the Church Fathers" by John R.Willis,S.J. by IGNATUS press.

"I esteem immensly the Mother of God,the ever chaste ,Immaculate Virgin Mary" - Ulrich Zwingli,in line with Catholic understanding of the Immaculate Conception ,the "esteemed priviledge of being caught up in the Creative mind of God the Father and the desire He had from all Eternity" according to God's plan of Salvation for mankind [More]

" Mother Mary,like us was born in sin of sinful parents,but the Holy Spirit covered her,sanctioned and purified her,so that the child was born of flesh and blood,but not with sinful flesh and blood." - Martin Luther - the one who could not keep himself pure,revolted,abolished cloisters and monasteries,promoted lewdness and promiscuity,married (twice?) nuns barely acknowledges here Jesus 's immaculate conception,like some pagan carnal minds of today that deny Christ's Divinity not being able to … [More]

"When Catholics celebrate the Feast of The Immaculate Conception we have the esteemed priviledge of being cought up in the mind of God The Father in the desire He had from all Eternity ".- Michael Vorris [More]

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Hi, Ipatuto, do you have a video about the "Rebellion in the Church" by Michael Voris. It is about 1 hour long and it was uploaded in youtube by realCatholicTv. I lik gloriaTV version when downloaded. Thanks.

Michael Voris: The Immaculate Conception
The Feast of Immaculate Conception has all kinds of implications surrounding it besides the actual truth of the doctrine itself.