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Benedict XVI is in very bad health Castelgandolfo The health of Benedict XVI has dramatically diminished in the last two weeks, Paloma Gómez Borrero wrote Tuesday night in the Spanish paper El Mundo. According to her, Benedict suffers from … [More]

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I pray for S.S. Benedict XVI...

Let us pray for S.S. Benedicto. Please!
We prayed a lot by Pope Benedict XVI and his health.
You got that right! What the he$$ is up with that?
Uncle Joe
I remember we had a laundry room, where we left our soiled clothes. He would scrub them and let us know when they were ready so that we could hang them up to dry. In the afternoons, he would feed the pigs. He did all this naturally. When we returned on Sundays from visiting people, he had prepared our dinner.

If only women were this dedicated...

Uncle Joe
In the same "spirit" as inviting the head of the Catholic Church to a "Reformation Celebration," the United States will invite David Cameron, Prime minister of the United Kingdom, to the next American Independence Day celebration on July 4th.


Por nuestro querido S. S. Benedicto!