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Double-Speech? Edward Pentin has criticized Cardinal Müller’s remarks that Amoris Laetitia poses no danger to the faith. According to Pentin, this contrast with revelations, affirmed by two senior … More

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@Holy Cannoli: Did you here what Pope Donald I said today in his morning homily: "Make the Catholic Church Great Again!". He added: "Drain the swamp". Amen.
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Holy Cannoli
Free Speech:
The New York Times has called on the Democratic party to not cooperate in the appointment of Donald Trump as President. It comes as no surprise that the Times is doing whatever they can to delegitimize his presidency by attacking his cabinet appointees. If Betsy DeVos were a lesbian Muslim with only one leg who supported the myth of man made global warming, the leftist godless … More
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Worldly Le nouvel Osservatore non Romano pour la nouvelle religion non catholique...
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