The Little Ones

Father Reto Preaches
Father Reto Nay 25th of February 2011 Sedrun, Switzerland

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Thanks be to God for your preaching Fr. Nay. Again, I've never heard this Scripture preached this way and it makes beautiful spiritual sense. I rejoice any time I get to share Jesus with others but I'm still afraid to bring Him up when I sense I'm among folks who get uncomfortable just seeing my San Damiano cross or a smiling face...Mystifies me. I figure the Spirit may be smiting them and maybe they're angry with God, etc. I know we're supposed to consider anger a part of human nature but I'm … [More]
Querido Padre Ray:

Lo que yo he experimentado es que al hacer esto literalmente, vender tus bienes más queridos, en donde está tu corazón, para luego dar ese dinero al primer loco en la calle que te encuentres, Dios llena tu corazón de contento y felicidad. Es más, te concede el deseo de tu corazón, algo que tú ni siquiera conoces. Dios es así de maravilloso. Yo invito a todos los usuarios de gloria tv a hacer la prueba, este acto de fe
y ver qué bueno es el Señor.

¡Paz a todos!
Holy Cannoli
Dear Fr,

The Little Once Ones

Once we have lost ourselves, once we have given whatever we thought we were into the conversion of the world, then our life with Christ starts then contemplative days will come upon us and we will leave the world far behind us.

Well said and very powerful.

You should consequently strive to be incessant in prayer, and in the midst of your corporal practices do not abandon it. Whether you eat or drink, or speak, or converse … [More]