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Don Reto Nay
The enneagram teacher was a Catholic nun. At least she "knows" something about the enneagram as she has no clue about anything related to the Catholic Faith...
@Dr Stuart Reiss Yes I agree. I stopped using St Paul's a long time ago. Quite a number of their books are not in conformity with Catholic teaching, and they also sell false apparition rubbish - in spite of their mission statement to be 'radiating the truth about Jesus Christ' or words to that effect.
Fr Mitch Pacwa wrote a lot of good stuff on the Enneagram years ago. This was all I could find … More
@Jim Dorchak it felt like that at the time....I was speaking to the manager but this other chap came out from the back room and started calmly but got more and more worked up...their arguments were such softballs that I was batting them out of the park...this really infuriated them...and finally since nothing else could be said... the shop assistant asked me 'how dare I come to a staff only … More
Jim Dorchak
Sounds and smells like Satan to me.
This is very good. I had a patient once who became completely mentally unwell after following a course of yoga. Her husband who is a diplomat was astounded by her change from an articulate gregarious intellectual to a blithering wreck from one day to the next. Which she described happened after ‘something entered her body through her eyeballs’ I refered her to a psychiatrist but I also adviced … More