Entertaining - From Atheist to Catholic

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Jennifer Fulwiler - From Atheist to Catholic - 2015 Steubenville DFC
@Josephmary why do you say freemanson? It's free mason.
Dr Bobus
The problem at Vat II was the theology of the likes of Kart Rahner and Edward Schilliebeeckx, which was inspired by German Existentialism. This is a highly subjective approach that is not oriented toward Objective Truth.
Catholic what ???? Is the question. It was in Fact the freemansons who were at vatican 2. Most if not all the 5000 bishops and cardinals were freemasons at vatican 2. That changed everything. We now have by design by vatican 2 a freemanson church.

So since Jennifer Fulwiler father/ dad was a freemanson and she claims to be or was a freemanson ( ya right) than joining a church that is now … More
Gwaredd Thomas
Sorry; it's Stupidville. That's the joint where all those neocon "Catholics" get their "training".