An Act of Contrition (Revised)

Compiled from the writings of Fr Francis Xavier Lasance as a means of reflection and exciting sorrow for one's past sins.

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Hi Christopher, you always do a first class job. Truly spiritually inspiring and loved filled for our Lord and souls. God bless you and keep up the Good work! My prayers are always with you. Sr. Carol Raffaela
holyrope 3
Christopher, a very nice choice of music. I hope to see more like these!

Thank you!
Hi! The music is rather more sympathetic with the art used in this version. Thanks. The Blake-esque image is just fabulous! However, I would rather have something a little more staid with regard to the music. But that's just my personal taste. This is because there are three elements at work here:

1. Art; 2. Music; 3. Theology.

The third seems not to be reflected too well by the music (the theme being repentence, mercy and the love of God); whereas the art and the music are more … [More]