The Fraternity of St Peter

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Dedicated to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, the Fraternity of St Peter was created and exists solely to promote the glorious mass of ages to the faithful. They celebrate the tridentine … More
I attended their Mass once in Venice: the true Mass(and very accurate).
Unfortunately there isn’t any FSSP seminary in Italian; does anyone know if exists something similar for speakers of Italian??
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St Lawrence Press will shortly release their 2019 Ordo, which is the Calendar per the 1940 Missale Romanum. John XXIII inexplicably removed nearly all Octaves and the dire Annibale Bugnini had seen Secretary to the Congregation of Rites since 1948, although John did at least put the author of the new Holy Week and, later the New Order if Mass on ice.

Anyhow the FSSP broke from Mgsr Lefebvre. … More