Judgment against Austrian Pro-Lifers
On April 4, the single judge Erik Nauta, of the regional court of Graz, sentenced four pro-lifers to high penalties for stalking. They are charged with having repeatedly stalked the Graz-based abortionist, Johannes Hanfstingl. Judge Nauta also convi… [More]

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Hi! I have listened to this broadcast, and yes, having considered the evidence, I think the judgement wrong. However, on the other hand, stalking anyone is quite irregular indeed; stalkers in any circumstance ought not to be treated well because I would say they are harassing their "prey".

Consider the situation from the other point of view, i.e. of pure law: regardless of reason, e.g. love, hate, mental illness, stalking of a citizen leads to all sorts of invasion of privacy, … [More]
Email to Beatrix Karl sent, with the help of your details. Thanks for informing us of this - I hope the same as RevSpitz. Please God, guide and direct all thing to Your good purposes.
Thank you for sending me the email. I will write Beatrix Karl: as you requested. I pray these innocent pro-lifers are vindicated and this evil judge will turn from his sins and accept Jesus Christ.
Note Gloria.TV – News Briefs mentioned this post in HLI Condemns “Blatant Persecution” of Austrian Pro-Lifers.
The persecutions are well under way! Seek not the things of this world but focus on working out your salvation in fear and trembling. Ready your soul and the souls of those in your charge that you may stand upright on that great day!
Peace! Good news when peaceful pro-life protesters are being subject to persecution. Sounds to me that the judge is not pro-life, hence the costly verdict despite the evidence for those keeping a regular peaceful protest. Possibly grounds for a counter-suit for harassment and violation of civil rights to peacefully protest an grievous injustice (unborn death penalty). Stalking has a broad definition - commonly used to refer to unwanted, obsessive attention by individuals (and sometimes groups … [More]
Send an English protest note to the Austrian Justice minster Beatrix Karl:
holyrope 3
May heaven Bless these pro-lifers...and may babies be saved through their intercession.

Like your necklace/medal of the Our Lady with St. John at the foot of the Cross...was surprised to see it! I use to give them out to those who wanted one. They are beautiful! [More]
A culture of death reigns in Austria, let us pray for these pro-lifers. May God bless them!
Pray for the unborn that are aborted, for the first Face they see, is our Lord Jesus, bearing them in His arms, these are of the kingdom of heaven.
Thank and bless you for the post.
Prolifers sometimes need to suffer sweet persecution in the name of the unborn and our faith.Somebody must take Henry Kissinger to an International Court for trial being the Godfather of NSSM 200 and 201,the advocate low intensity conflict on mothers wombs..Eric Manalang Prolife Philippines
Rockford pro-life
Sad, God bless these pro-lifers.
Austria is really in the grip of Satan. It seems to hate even its own children. There is no justice here.