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@Los hijos de la Virgen hijos de la Virgen"--well,, I hope you kick out this user. You can see for yourself, all these "spam" ads where they claim that the Beatification of Pope John Paul II is "the work of masons, the AntiChrist, and satan".

The Three Ways of receiving Communion.
The First Two...the Traditional and Reverent Way to Receive Our King
The Last....Disrespectful and an Outrage!
Cannoli, you make a valid point about the burial of the innocent lives. I agree wholeheartedly that the pro-deathers will most certainly create some noise about the burials, then on the other hand, if it could be done "quietly & with no press coverage" they may back down some. That's how the Abortion Industry works. Poor, poor babies!
It would be …

Burial Space For Victims of Abortionist
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has set aside burial space for the hundreds of victims of notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell.
While this effort is noble, compassionate and one of the six corporal works of mercy, I think the plan will come under resistance. Aside from the obvious "rights to privacy" (names of the mothers will have to be obtained), abortion activists do not want unborn babies to be thought of as human. Therefore, … [More]