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Saint Ildefonsus was sitting on the bishop's throne in his cathedral when he
was granted a vision in which the Blessed Virgin presented him with a
chasuble (liturgical vestment) of heavenly tissue. The gift was a fitting
he believed that one could do so by meditating on Jesus through the eyes of
His virgin mother. He also had a special devotion to Saint Leocadia, patroness of Toledo. For nine years he governed the church wisely, until his peaceable death. His successor to the see of Toledo gave… [More]

Saint Ildephonsus Jan. 23
Also known as
Born to the Spanish nobility. Nephew of Saint Eugene of Toledo. Studied at Seville, Spain under Saint Isidore of Seville. Monk at Agli (Agalia) on the River Tagus near Toledo, Spain while still a young man. Abbot at Agli. Attended the Council of Toledo in 653 and 655. Archbishop of Toledo in 657. Responsible for the unification of the Spanish liturgy. Noted writer, especially on Our Lady; only four of his works have … [More]

A tour of Toledo, one of the Spanish cities with the greatest wealth of