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A Jew: In a May 4th video, American Rabbi Mayer Schiller stated that it is important for mankind as a whole that the Church takes everything that was said in Fatima seriously. Schiller is a Hasidic … More
@J. Boanerges: The question of why this Rabbi doesn't convert also occurred to me, but first of all, the conciliar Church says there's no need to convert, and second, why would he convert to a Church which has, as he so succinctly realizes, abandoned the Faith?
As Catholics, we live in dark times when a Rabbi speaks more of truth than our Pope.
J. Boanerges
That's great and all but, he's a Jew. If it's as important as he says (and it is) why doesn't he convert? He hasn't taken the logical step to lend credibility to what he said. It's good to hear but it rings hollow...
Why has this very perceptive Rabbi remained outside the Church? He seems to see what She is way more clearly than most in the hierarchy.
Roberto 55
Rabbi has to teach us the truth.
@twoweims Would he at least agree to lead the next retreat for the Roman Curia?
Holy Cannoli
Rabbi Schiller, have you heard this one?

A rabbi and a priest were sitting in front of St. Thomas More Catholic Church and they each had charity boxes in front of them to collect money.

The church goers that were passing by couldn’t believe the nerve of the rabbi, and purposely threw large sums of money into the priest’s charity box to spite the rabbi.
Finally one of the passer-by … More
Would Rabbi Schiller like to be pope?