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Gov. Cuomo talks to Maureen Dowd. What could go wrong? Dr. Peters explains.…/gov-cuomo-talks…
Posted on 29 June 2011 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
The Canonical Defender, Ed Peters, has another post about NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, aggressive promoter of contrary-to-nature unions. Cuomo is, he claims, catholic.
Dr. Peters doesn’t have an open combox on his excellent blog In The Light of the Law. So do go over there and spike his stats and look at his archive of excellent entries.
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Good heavens!! A typically loud and agressive American interview. On the other hand, she is just doing her job. Nevertheless, I think Mr Donahue did rather well indeed - however, his logic is quite irregular! Expecially with the black and white racial reference; "anatomically correct", he did not even call blacks human.

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