A family with 17 children.

Libor Halik
At the video we see a family with 17 children. But today’s christian families are not similar as this family. Why? Listen a short sermon. "God killed him. Repent". Her husband wanted a sex, her husband didn’t want children. See Genesis 38,6-10. … [More]
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God takes care of His own...and quite abundantly so with this family! This is what family is all about...FAMILY! However many children God allows and gives you,... He Never gives more than we can handle, Never! He'll only bless you the more!

God bless this family, they are a true example of the sacredness of life and of saying "YES" to God. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Anna Guico
I can't help but be amazed with what i saw, they are one big happy family. It's a good thing that the Father is a spiritual leader and a good provider. They're both responsible parents. Unlike in some areas in our country there are too many children in a family but the father is not a spiritual leader and good provider. I pray that husbands and wife will practice responsible parenting like this couple.