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Medjugorje Commission Is Now Official Vatican The Vatican has officially confirmed the formation of a commission to investigate the reported Marian apparitions at Medjugorje. The commission will be headed by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the retired … [More]

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F. John Loughnan I personally believe in Medjugorje but you are correct in saying that we are not required to believe in it by the Church since private revelation is not binding. I am currently working in a facility where author Fr. Richard Beyer is at and he has written a couple books on Medjugorje and another on Marian prayer and in talking to him there is definately no doubt in his mind about the apparitions. There are crazies who go to Medjugorje also (nobody is barred from going) so it … [More]
I can see where you are coming from Loughnan-I like the very conservative Catholic
newspaper "The Wanderer" and they like you seem blind about Medjugorje-I like most every thing about The Wanderer's perspective except how they "don't seem to get" Medjugorje. I agree with you on many other of your viewpoints but definately not on Medjugorje-I am certain about this. You are correct about no private revelation being binding-I'm just taking the position that you are oblivious to the obvious!
I think when all is said and done Loughnan you'll wish you were less doubtful. You
can accept Lourdes and Fatima and yet are hostile towards Medjugorje-if and when the Vatican does officially rule Medjugorje completely legitimate I can say all along that I knew it before and you'll be the doubting Thomas who had to examine the wounds first!
Believe me Loughnan-the Vatican is not going to waste time on trivial or doubtful matters. I told you before they took Medjugorje seriously and this time they are so serious about an apparition site they are not even waiting until the conclusion of the apparitions! If the Vatican set up commisions on every "doubtful" Marian apparition then these commisions would be a weekly event!
F. John Loughnan-here is your proof-you always "cut and pasted" that the Vatican not only did not take Medjugorje seriously but in fact disputed and rejected the notion of apparitions there-I took the opposite position. I stated that Medjugorje was not only accepted by the Vatican as worthy of consideration but that pilgrims were authorized by the Vatican to go there-here is the proof showing you that you were always mistaken!
"The investigation of the American "nuns" came too late." One would think the day the veils and habits came off, they would have been investigated!