Reasons to Resist Gay Marriage

My interview with Fr. Bryce Sibley on homosexuality and the law that was passed in New York on "Gay marriage". Moral relativism, social ethics and more.

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Once, the concept of marriage has been deconstructed, then anything goes.

There are Japanese companies who are working on made to order (the purchasing human chooses the height, weight, measurements, hair and eye color etc), Robot companions both in male and female models. And, law professors are already contemplating marriage laws, and manufactures liabilities and responsibilties i.e., accidental death and owner dissatisfaction, for the companion bots. If you don't believe me, just go to … [More]
While the Catholic Church will not perform or honor gay marriage other churches do recognize or perform them so the government must recoginize them. Soon Pologamy will also be legal in the USA for Mormons & Mooselums.