The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Hoax

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Catholic League’s Bill Donohue has called the Pennsylvania grand jury report on alleged clerical abuses an "ongoing war on the Catholic Church", strewn with lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, and corruption. … More…/catholic-league…
Adam OnWeb • "Bill Donohue and the Catholic League are disgraceful. Shame on them".
GOPmedialies • "The Catholic League, which only comprises of Bill Donohue and his computer, is a disgrace and insulting for good Catholics".
JFH • "Donohoe should be ashamed of himself for siding with those that commit and cover-up child rape".
neastsider • "Catholic League…
There are four mindsets here. The charges are exaggerated, which is true. Outrage towards those who are guilty, are insufficient, also true. There is a lot of sanctimony among those who take one position or the other to extremes. Very true.
Shame on you people, you have lost the plot. Go read your Malachi Martin, and withdraw this embarrassing video!
Fiel al Evangelio
Bill Donohue: I Knew About McCarrick
President of Catholic League admits he knew and did nothing…/bill-donohue-i-…

Donohue makes…/2013-237279981-… in salary and benefits as head of his non-profit, which sits on $35 million in assets. as "the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organization," the Catholic … More
Hmm, a fair few priests were greviously maligned. One or two cases involve priests remaining in prison because of a refusal to take a plea bargain and unjustly admit guilt. However, sodomite is so widespread in the Conciliar Church.
Jim Dorchak
YES! YES! Donohue is RIGHT,,,, this is an ON GOING WAR AGAINST THE CHURCH!!!!! strewn with lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, and corruption, but by the Homo Bishops, Cardinals and Priests OF THE CHURCH!!!!
The interesting thing is that no matter who it is waging war, we pay either way!
While Donahue does a good job legitimately speaking out against true anti-Catholicism, he merely asked folks to "pray" for McCarrick, a personal friend. Uh-huh. His manner resembles that of lawyers defending Mafia figures, over the top. See Tom Hagen in Godfather II. BTW, former Gov. Frank Keating compared the bishops and their operations to "La Cosa Nostra." He chaired lay review board in early … More
Holy Cannoli
Catholic League’s Bill Donohue

Billy, Billy, Billy...what are we going to do with you?
One hundred percent of Billy’s Catholic League income is derived from contributions. Less than half of that goes to advance their agenda. Over 50% goes to administration and fundraising including a hunky chunk for Donohue's $474, 876 salary. That was 2013. Who knows how much he has pulled down in … More
alex j
Well! Well! Well! I wonder. Is it Karma at work here, or just the "Blind Lady" opening her eyes to the despicable anti-catholic lawyers who's sole agenda was "TO GET THE CATHOLIC CHURCH" by any means, legal or illegal.