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Holy Cannoli

Vous avez le cervau d'un sandwich au fromage.

olivier jean
that which is
complain is you holy cannoli
Satan work.
El trabajo de Satanas destruir la iglesia.
Oren para no caer en tentasion.
Holy Cannoli
Dove sono gli uomini italiani?

Avrebbero apprezzare una bella donna senza sentirsi in colpa.

bien provoc quand même comme humour, ça n'a pas sa place ici je pense 더보기
Holy Cannoli
Envoyer vos plaintes ici.
Send your complaints here:


Bon,nous sommes dans l'obligation de realiser qu'il y a des gens,mais completement single sur ce site!!! honte !
Holy Cannoli
By now, you probably realize that I don't care what pompous, puritanical, self-rightous, super-Catholic whiners think about this video or anything else for that matter. However, I have several recommendations for you.


1) If you don't like it don't watch it. There is absolutly nothing in this video that is any more scandalous that what we have witnessed occur in our own … 더보기
olivier jean
Cela n'a pas a etre ici!
Holy Cannoli
My Dear Grand Inquisitors,

The point being is that the bishops of Italy including HH evidently see no problem with bare chested males. I, and most heterosexuals, see no problem with leggy females.

Vive la différence.

Naughty, naughty.....
Re: The Acrobats -
1. No bad taste here - the art of the acrobats is just that. It was not at Mass, nor in a Church and did not involve a priest or cleric of Holy Mother Church (not one of the acrobats is a priest). Shirts off.... men do not have mamary glands!
2. I see no sexual overtones. They came, did their acrobatics and left. That's all. No gyrating or the like.

Holy Cannoli
Is the following spectacle appropriate for a Catholic? Is it in "bad taste"?
Are there "sexual overtones"?


Holy Cannoli
It's factual. If you don't like it, too bad. Deal with it.
Direct your outrage in the proper direction and toward those who were directly and indirectly responsible.

This harmelss video means nothing. The homosexuals in the clergy are what's eating away at the Chruch's credibility and moral authority.

Cannoli, Why would one sink to such depths? No one is talking about clerical homosexuality or paedophilia here.... even in jest. But then again, you do thrive on the "enfant-terrible" modus operandi of the 'shock factor' in what you say and post.

Anyway, go to dash! Do take care and have a good day.

Holy Cannoli
Gosh..... the clergy must be rather corrupt out there in the USA

In italy things must be different. Here, it might be more realistic if it were a teen-aged boy instead of a young women on the priest's shoulders although that image would be a little too realistic.

This could happen is real life???? Gosh..... the clergy must be rather corrupt out there in the USA. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that they aren't.....

I understand your point. But the main thing is that of the content, not that of the genre.
Holy Cannoli
Compare that video with yours.

They are 2 totally different videos. My point is that although this is a Catholic site, many non-Catholic videos are featured. Evidently, as long as the video features a hound and not a beautiful young women, nobody complains.

the inappropriately attired lass,

I don't want to get too personal, but tell us, are you fully clothed when going to sleep?

The “sexual … 더보기
Compare that video with yours. In yours we have the sexual overtones, the making fun of the priest, the inappropriately attired lass, etc. Looking at the 'Ginger' video, do we see any of this? Nope....all we see is a sketch based on a dog owner's breakfast with the help of her pet; completely innocent and void of all sexual overtones, indecency, etc.....

Remember, Cannoli, I said there is nothin… 더보기
Holy Cannoli
This is because Gloria.tv is not a secular site and therefore, not a secular audience.

The more Catholic the better, right?

Good morning!

"Doina's videos, by contrast, were meant for the family including her extended family at Gloria.Tv. "

This is my point Cannoli. If the advert here in this video was mean for a secular audience, and Doina's were meant for "her extended family at Gloria.tv", then the two are 'chalk-and-cheese'. This is because Gloria.tv is not a secular site and therefore, not a secular audience. Gloria.tv is … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
Humour is a function of the intellectual and psychological maturation of an individual.

Not necessarily. There are intelligent men who find the "3 Stooges" to be funny but most women (from my limited experience) despise their comedy. Ditto for Benny Hill.

Take for instance the humour of Doina; ...

Doina's home videos were cute, entertaining, interesting and I enjoyed them but I wouldn't call … 더보기
Humour is a function of the intellectual and psychological maturation of an individual. Take for instance the humour of Doina; recall the posts she made when her family visited, with Don Reto (e.g. shaking the snow from the flowers; the horse-and-trap trip around the countryside, etc.). Now that is harmless, beautiful and funny humour. This speaks of a mind and person who is well formed, … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
Thanks, Jana.

Evidently you're a slow learner and you felt compelled to get in one more dig.

To insure domestic tranquility, avoid me and I will do likewise with you. I have found this to be a most effective way of dealing with obsessive,
argumentative, and hostile individuals (some of whom posted on this thread) especially those who are devoid … 더보기
Holy C.

I didn't study sexual behaviours of Europe in contrast to the states. I think there can only be very small differences.
Holy Cannoli
Sorry, Benny.

I've had more than enough of humorless individuals (especially 'super-Catholics') who believe that they alone are the arbiters of what is or what is not acceptable/tasteful.


Holy Cannoli

I have a theory that sexual attitudes including comfort with one's own sexuality are much more liberal in Europe than in the United States. Although I have no evidence that would indicate this is true, since you are living in Europe and have probalby traveled extensively and have had the opportunity to observe behavior in various countries, I'm wondering if you might have a more informed … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
Entspannen Sie sich Fritz.
Sie müssen nicht entscheiden, was ist oder nicht gebucht.

Relax Fritz.
You do not decide what is or is not posted.

Holy Cannoli
Gosh.... poor taste in video; poor form in posting it here.

Gosh, I somehow knew the Queen's representative would arrive with her own negative comments regarding a harmless little video. You should know by now that I don't give a toss what you Lymies think so go practice your arpeggios mate and leave matters relating to common sense to the Yanks and the Italians.

Cheerio, Matey.

Holy Cannoli
It takes not delicate sensibilities, but ordinary common sense and just a little taste to see the bad taste of posting this thing here.

Interesting that you would mention "ordinary common sense" since that is exactly what you are lacking and have instead substituted your own subjective puritanical Scrupulosity.

You've labored your silly point to excess. … 더보기
Pfui Teufel! Ich bin entsetzt! Eine Schande für gloria-tv! Dieser Film hat hier nichts verloren, gehört sofort entfernt!
Gosh.... poor taste in video; poor form in posting it here.
Holy, I don't understand what you want to say. And what should I explain?
Holy Cannoli
The assumption is that a priest would a. be so stupid as to lend a hand that way and b. worse, either intentionally or no snap a picture of her behind

That is YOUR assumption. The photo was obviously added later and was not part of the original advertisement. (the explanation for this can be found among the comments). Holy Cannoli— 02/06/2011 07:29:55:
The priest did NOT take any photos. He simp… 더보기
Holy Cannoli

The video is from Italy. I don't think it could/would ever have been made in the States.

Do you agree?
Please explain.

Holy Cannoli

For photo editing I always use
on my Windows 7 computer.

There are numerous other (free) programs that can do the exact same thing and more as Microsoft Pro but I've been using this product for years and am completely familiar with it. Did Bin Laden Watch Gloria.tv?

For video, I try to use windows.microsoft.com/…/Getting-started…
but for some thing… 더보기
@Holy Cannoli:
which software do you use?
Holy Cannoli
Jana writes:

Could you make a Gloria TV version of this video? Take the head of a GTV priest and the head of one of the GTV girls. Then put them into the video.

Although this is possible, never, never, never, never would I attempt to do it.

With all the controversy, emotion and, in some cases, resentment that this video caused for so many posters (and who knows how many more who did not … 더보기
Dear Holy!

Thats right, but you should erase the rectum-pic ( ). Could cause bad fantasy in some heads.

I have a final question: Could you make a Gloria TV version of this video? Take the head of a GTV priest and the head of one of the GTV girls. Then put them into the video.
Holy Cannoli
Jana wrote:

But did you notice, that the priest took a photo of the girls rectum?
Jana— 02/06/2011 06:10:03:

Is it still your claim that the still photo that you pointed out at 00:32 was taken by the preist or do you think it was added by who knows who at some point after the clip was filmed?

If you beleive that the photo was taken by the preist, you are wrong. Do you know why you would be … 더보기
Holy cannoli, her grandmother would like you!
That was no humor

There is a photo of a girls rectum in second 00:32

Holy Cannoli

I like your sense of humor.



There's no denying that she's an attractive girl and if she were Catholic I'd invite her out for coffee. If she were not Catholic, I'd do what I could to convert her.

"Rectum" is latin- the language of the church

You noticed the pic in the upper left part of the video? (last second of the video) ;)