Conservative Cardinal Defends Francis

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Conservative Cardinal Defends Francis Curia Cardinal Marc Ouellet has attacked those who criticise Pope Francis. Talking to the press while at the meeting of the European bishops in Poznan, Poland, … More
Holy Cannoli mentioned this post in Dear Eva, Please comment on the following: I did a search for the news presented by Doina and Luci….
And once i thought that this Cardinal Ouellet could be a Pope one day ,was i wrong , there are only two ways , the truth and the status quo .let us pray for truth and light
Dr Bobus
Certain cardinals are closing their ranks. Some years ago I spent several hours with a very well respected and well known monsignor (RIP). When the conversation turned to the stories about Bernardin, the msgr said that US Cardinals closed ranks (led by OConnor, who had no use for Bernardin), and suddenly the stories stopped.
BTW, Ouellet seems overrated.