Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect

Vatican Promoted Liberalism Shows Its Effect: Attendance at Christmas Midnight Mass in Italy is waning. collected the witness of insiders in the archdiocese of Milan, Italy, the biggest … More
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Uncle Joe
An organist, speaking on the condition of anonymity (and appropriately disguised)...
Dr Stuart Reiss
Reminds me of the ‘rainbow warrior’ priest we had running the campus chaplaincy when I went to medical school. He’d cancel mid day mass ( the only one for the day) on campus in favour of a fair trade meeting. There’s a never ending supply of these post VII. Jim’s right. They should get FIRED in more ways than one
What a waste of time it was Ordaining him! It's easy to see that this Migrant friendly"Priest" doesn't even demand 30 pieces of silver to betray His Lord and God. Silly Chump!

We need one of these "Migrants" he is so willing to worship instead of Christ, to appear at this Priest's house inviting him to "move out" so the "Migrant "and his friends can live there instead.

That will end his silly … More
Jim Dorchak
Wow a priest who cancels Mass. Granted in is the Novos Ordo mass, but hey doesn't this guy get paid (we already know he lost his vocation,,, if he ever had one) . When a person does not do their job don't they get fired? (in this case FIRED would have 2 Meanings).
In respect of the migrants ,this priest cancelled all masses ,and he calls a pastoral service ?,Ist how in the world doing mass disrespects the migrants ?,2nd cancelling mass is doing a pastorial service? , What about you father Farinella disrespecting our Lord Jesus ??are these clergy catholic ?Does this priest know how many christians ,have they killed in Iraque ,India , Siria, Egypt etc etc ,the past 2 years ? and he has the guts to call christians racists ????
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