Priest Scheier Condemned to Hell by Jesus (2)

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Father Stephen Scheier met an accident in 1985, died, and was condemned to Hell by Jesus Christ but wondrously saved by the Blessed Mother and was given a chance to return back to earth!!! Source: More
Does hell exist?Clara’s vision of Annette in Hell – TESTIMONY.
Heilwasser mentioned this post in Guido Westerwelle z.B. hatte vor seinem Tod reuevolle Worte öffentlich ausgesprochen. Ich weiß nich….
This is an excellent video that should be viewed by all priests. Mary is truly our Mother and advocate.
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Fr. Scheier recalls that he indeed deserved to go to Hell, for he had not fulfilled his duty as a priest: “I could not stand peer pressure. In other words, I wanted to be one of the guys. Now the priests at this time seemed to find a need to be just one of the guys, too, a lay person. And that was shown more from the pulpit than any place else … More