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"It's all about time"? She'll have a lot of time to think about this where she is going after death
Best line on Law and Order SVU to use for this:

Criminal-"This is America, I have the right to free speech!"

ICE T-" Yea? Well this is also a democracy, and the majority of us don't like what you have to say..."

Forgive her Father she knows what she does!

Poor soul needs prayer... sigh just like I do.
Nothing Our Lady and King can't fix if we offer many prayers for her!
How sad the soul who knows not the heart of Jesus and Mary! May she come to know Our Lady and King in this life and come to repentance so that they may be with them in the next at the banquet of the Innocent Lamb!

Peace and all good
Naaanncy, Naaanncy,Two points: first of all your not a Catholic, your a communist. And second point: Should I get 1% milk or 2%? Only have enough money for one, gonna have to hurt some poor cows feelings, gonna have to discriminate. Now I've purchased my milk and have to walk home. Do I go down the street where I always get robbed, or do I go down the next street where nothing bad has ever happened to me? Uh oh, gonna have to discriminate,...again. I hope the bad guys don't get their feelings … [More]