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holyrope 3
@ACL, I don't know, but surely would not be surprised.

It will return ACL,...It Will Return in ALL the Churches! There was a Cardinal that spoke with Mr. Voris and he had said that in 40 yrs (I think much sooner) there won't be a modern novus ordo mass. The Churches will be again filled the Holy and Majestic Mass of all ages. Deo Gratias!
Hey Rope... Greetings dear! I visited this Church in 2001 on holiday. At that time [2001], the sanctuary was the same as it is here in this old film. I could not get to talk with a Servite brother/father, but was told that their liturgy has "gone the way of all flesh". Is this true? If so, what a pity...... One hopes that today it is better perhaps?
holyrope 3
Easter Sunday - Traditional Latin Mass